C2C Waypoints Notes

The waypoints in the accompanying file were apparently originally logged by John Ledger, and published on Guy Wilson’s website. (www.guy-wilson.co.uk/c2c.htm – which does not appear to be available any longer).

Subsequently they found “life” on the web at “Rick F’s” website when “Canmal” – Malcolm compiled a GPX file from them after converting the co-ordinated to Lat/Long using a third party Spreadsheet. From there, they have been hosted on “walking places” thanks to “Lone Walker” at www.walkingplaces.co.uk/c2c.htm.

As Mal himself noted, this initial conversion seemed to introduce some error into the system (up to 90 metres in places).

Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to use this converted data to recreate the original waypoint co-ordinates (I think!), and then recompile the file minus the prior errors. Please note, I did not hand alter every waypoint to match the “desired” co-ordinates, but I have simply applied a mathematical transformation across the set to restore their original accuracy.

As best as I can tell, the co-ordinates are accurate – having been checked against:
1) A digitised and calibrated route map
2) Google earth mapping co-ordinates
3) Points in Mapquest

They have been tested in :

GPSU: www.gpsu.co.uk
GPS Trackmaker: www.gpstm.com
Mapsource from Garmin: www.Garmin.com

and appear to be consistent.

They have also been loaded onto a Garmin GPSMAP60 CX without incident!

Full credit must go to John ledger for collecting the points in the first place, and Canmal and Lone Walker for keeping them “alive” on the web.

I make no warranty as to the suitability of this set for you specific use, BUT as I will be using them in May 2007, I will let you know what eventuates!

Two things to always remember –
1) A good Map and compass are invaluable!
2) It is the journey – not just the destination!



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