Many people love to keep a reminder of their travels along the Coast to Coast. This page highlights some of the memorabilia that’s available for completers.

Map of Memories

fieldsmanAvailable from:

Fieldsman Trails Ltd. (web: email:

Fieldsman produce a “Map of Memories”, a map of the Coast to Coast route, populated with images of landmarks you met along the way. These are in colour with a relief quality. There’s a space also to record the date with your signature, maybe to be framed later. They also provide greetings cards with tactile images of fossils, star constellations, mountains and space for a personal message to be added.

They also provide a “Voice Trail” a recording of the sounds of the walk with added descriptions of landmarks and places of interest.

See their website for more details.




If you provide Coast to Coast memorabilia and would like to have it showcased on this page, then get in touch using the comments field below.

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