C2C Day Eight

Reeth to Richmond

 11.0 miles
Height Gain: 1,400 feet
Highpoint: Above Marrick (1,030 feet)
Walking time: Approx 4-6 hours



Part 1: Reeth to Marske

c2c_day_08_Page_1Leave Reeth on the Grinton road, crossing the Swale and taking the footpath to the right immediately after the bridge. A series of fields and pastures follow, complete with narrow pinch stiles and tiny gates perched atop the walls – uniquely Yorkshire. These bring you to the road at Marrick Abbey (hidden amongst newer buildings) and the charming ascent through Steps Wood accompanied by the scent of wild garlic at the right time of year. Climb up to the village of Marrick and then more fields through Ellers Beck and up to the road that brings you into Marske. There are no refreshments to be had in either village, so ensure you have lunch and water as appropriate.

Part 2: Marske to Richmond

c2c_day_08_Page_2Keep to the road out of Marske and watch for the fingerpost that points you right, across the fields, over Paddy’s Bridge to the white cairn on the path beneath Applegarth Scar. (Depending on the time of year you are walking this fingerpost may be partially concealed by the hedge). The path now runs below Applegarth Scar all the way to a tarmac road at High Leases, which is followed all the way into Richmond. This is the largest town the path passes through and can come as something as a shock after the peace and quiet of the past week or so. It does offer a chance to stock up on items though – including cash.


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