C2C Day Eleven

Clay Bank Top to Glaisdale

 20.0 miles
Height Gain: 1,500 feet
Highpoint: Round Hill (1,498 feet)
Walking time: Approx 6-8 hours



Part 1: Clay Bank Top to Dale Head

c2c_day_11_Page_1After walking back to Clay Bank Top, or being dropped off by your friendly host you climb back along the Cleveland Way to Carr Ridge, Urra Moor and another Round Hill. The path serves grouse butts all over these hills and is wide and easy to follow and soon you reach Bloworth Crossing. Here you join the path of the old Rosedale Ironstone Railway. This cinder track is flat and curves around the contours of the land, skirting Farndale and is impossible to get lost on.



Part 2: Dale Head to George Gap Causeway

c2c_day_11_Page_2As the path crosses High Blakey Moor the welcome sight of the Lion Inn will greet you. Leave the old rail bed to follow the wall up and over Cockpit Hill and take lunch in the Inn. From here you follow the road gently uphill for a while, passing old stone markers, some painted white and easy to see against the heather that surrounds them. The road follows the contours above Rosedale and in theory you could drop down into the valley and up the other side if you really don’t like road walking. But soon enough you leave the road and head across the heather on a sometimes boggy path, before joining the George Gap Causeway.

Part 3: George Gap Causeway to Glaisdale

c2c_day_11_Page_3The George Gap Causeway leads you to the head of Great Fryup Dale, but the path skirts the lip of the dale and crosses Glaisdale Moor on a rugged path until it meets a minor road, which you follow as far as the trig point at Glaisdale Rigg. From that point a wide Landrover track takes you past more marker stones and down into Glaisdale. There is a shop here to reprovision for tomorrow’s lunch and at the other end of the village is the pub, which serves excellent food.

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