C2C Day Four

Patterdale to Shap

 16.5 miles
Height Gain: 3,700 feet
Highpoint: Kidsty Pike (2,533 feet)
Walking time: Approx 7-9 hours



Part 1: Patterdale to Kidsty Pike

c2c_day_04_Page_1From the village store and pub, head south along the main road before turning left over the bridge and follow the minor road past some houses. Don’t follow the road around to the right, but instead pick up a path behind the houses that climbs away up the face of the hillside to Boredale Hause. This is a major intersection of footpaths, so be sure to select the correct one; the path to the right, crossing the stream. Continue to climb along the path as it passes beneath Angletarn Pikes and past the idyllic Angle Tarn. Use the wall to navigate across Satura Crag and then the Knott becomes an obvious target, the path avoiding the summit by swinging around to the left. Follow the wall for a short distance again, but keep an eye open for the sharp left hand turn you need to make to take the path to Kidsty Pike.

Part 2: Kidsty Pike to End of Haweswater Reservoir

c2c_day_04_Page_2Kidsty Pike offers superb views down into Riggindale and across Haweswater, but the path from its summit, down across Kidsty Howes is very steep and will be extremely slippery after rain. At the foot of the descent turn left across the old stone bridge and take the path that runs beside Haweswater. The path is clear, but climbs and drops many times along the length of the reservoir and can be both rocky and slippery in places. Many times you will lose sight of the reservoir as plantations stand between the path and the lake shore. At the end of the reservoir you will pass through a gate and reach Burnbanks.


Part 3: End of Haweswater Reservoir to Shap

c2c_day_04_Page_3At Burnbanks you should find a C2C sign pointing you in the right direction, across fields and stiles to the minor road (not much more than a track) at Rawhead. Cross the field and then follow the wall, across a footbridge and more fields to the remains of Shap Abbey, which can be seen from the approach. From the Abbey, climb gently to the road and then follow this into the northern end of the long narrow village of Shap. It’s over a mile from the north end of the village to the last B&B at the south end, Brookfield House and the Greyhound pub. This is also where the C2C path leave Shap.


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