Countryfile’s Coast to Coast Walk

Date: May 2006


First of all I should point out that this was my second trip across the C2C. I think it may be useful for anyone planning the route as a first timer to be aware of the training I did this time round.

Training differed, in that last time around I mixed jogging 4 miles most nights with one long (10 – 15 mile) walk a week. This proved helpful for fitness, but I feel caused me a problem with Shinsplints later in the C2C. As a result I changed the training and did no jogging at all. I walked almost everyday. Mostly for 2 hours solid often covering a good 8 miles. Once a week I did a longer walk with my full intended kit, of about 15miles. Result – No shinsplints and reasonably comfortable on all the distances.

I was joined by a colleague from work Scott, for the whole trip and a long time pal Craig who could only do the Lakes section. We are all 40 and reasonably fit, though Scott and Craig are fairly novice walkers (their sporting prowess lies elsewhere). Me – I go under the pseudonym of Countryfile on the Sherpa chat site – but friends call me Ian.