Countryfile’s C2C – Day 1

Wednesday 3rd May 2006
St. Bees to Ennerdale Bridge

We set off from home by car, as we all live in Lancashire only a couple of Hrs from the start. We made a late start out of St. Bees at 11.15 am and after collecting a pebble and dipping the toes made our way across the Head in very strong winds. We spent time observing the sea birds and the binoculars picked out an abundance of Puffins. The walk along the cliffs seemed a lot futher than I recalled but we made good time down towards Stanley pond where we took lunch. There was some boggy ground negotiated just after this but we continued with no major navigational problems up and over Dent which proved to be extremely windy. On the way down we were concerned for the trees in the wooded area as they were creeking loudly and several had obviously already fallen due to the conditions.

We were all quite tired once in the valley below but enjoyed the beautiful scenery along through the Nannycatch gate area. We decamped into the Fox and Hounds at Ennerdale Bridge, where after a quick pint we were directed to dine at the Farmers Arms because the Fox and Hounds had not had a delivery of gas. We were fortunate to meet up with several other C2Cers including 77 yr old Richard ‘sully’ Sulivan from Brooklyn, New York who was going solo and an inspiration to us all.