Countryfile’s C2C – Day 12

Sunday 14th May 2006
Egton Bridge to Robin Hood’s Bay

Left Egton Bridge via the toll road and we soon made Grosmont. The climb out was steeper than I recalled, but I was treated to something I missed last time (due to mist) our first view of the North Sea. We had a small vocal celebration. The route into Littlebeck was easy and through the woods very Muddy. Scott made my day when Fording the stream by falling full length into it (not a good idea to walk the last ten miles soaking wet!). Then the last trip over the moors was quite difficult to navigate and particularly boggy – but I didn’t mind damp legs when we were so close. We finished with the tide right up to the slade and as I cast my pebble into the sea – the heavens opened and it started to rain (Thanks walking Gods for looking after us). I shook the hand of Scotty and of ‘Gentleman’ Geoff – who had arrived about 15 mins before us.

Memories, company, new friends……………………………

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