Countryfile’s C2C – Day 3

Friday 5th May 2006
Rosthwaite to Patterdale.

Having posted off a couple of cards to the family and stocked up on Vitals at the local store we headed out of Rosthwaite and up the valley towards Greenup.

This climb has a few false tops and is a good test of legs and lungs. Once on the top, myself and Craig managed to get a signal on the mobile and called a chum who was celebrating his 40th Birthday today – we serenaded him from the top with a very poor rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

The navigation on the top here can be tricky for the uninitiated and we had to laugh at the sight that came across to greet us, It was 77yr old “Sully” who had obviously had an encounter with a bit of boggy territory because he had staining up to his knees declaring (in his very strong American twang) “GEES WHAT SCREW UP”.

We helpfully set him back off on the correct direction whilst we took a slight detour down to Steel End via Wythe Burn. Another steep climb up to Grisedale tarn where we took a good rest at ‘The Brothers Parting Stone’.

The walk down to Patterdale was hard on the feet as I had now developed a small blister on the Right heel. It was another long Hot day and Craig was feeling the distance by now so I lied to him about 2 miles out, saying it was only another mile – he took umberance after he realised it was the longest mile in England!

We booked into Grisdale lodge and after a rest and shower decamped to The White Lion for a pint and food (it was very busy).