Countryfile’s C2C – Day 5

Sunday 7th May 2006
Shap to Kirkby Stephen.

There was a bit of drizzle in the air as we headed out of Shap and over the M6 into Limestone country. Soon enough the dampness cleared but it was a very cloudy/misty day. Craig had left us now, Scott and I made good headway now that the ground ahead was flatter. It was very much a head down and get on with it day as the views were pretty non-existent due to the murky weather. The highlight for me was towards the end of the day with the gorgeous valley around Smardale Gill and the views of the Viaduct. A couple of miles from Kirkby the clouds decided to drop their contents and we endured a little dampness in the company of ‘Sully’ whom we caught up around that time. The feet were aching a tad but we were both in great form as we were greeted into one of the better B&Bs on the journey The Jolly Farmers. We dined at The Black Bull once again regaling tales over a pint with Geoff and Sully.