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 Post subject: Newbie Introduction - Advice sought Please!
PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:08 am 
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Hi, My name is Matt from Perth Western Australia. Hopefully in Apr/May next year I hope to fulfil a lifelong goal and complete my first trek "walk" - the Pennine Way.

We had originally intended to do it as a family, myself 55, my wife, my eldest daughter 14 and my youngest daughter 12. As my eldest daughter moved into more mature years, she took with it the little enthusiasm she had with it for the walk and also any chance of my wife participating. It left me in a very hard situation. My doctor who has just done a knee arthroscopy, said I am finally good to go and my youngest who is super keen, a climber and gymnast, still wants to go. So my childhood memories of the Blue John mines, the Peak, Dove Dale, Hadraw Force and Hadrain's Wall during the foot and mouth outbreak took over and I thought why not!

I read Tom Reads post of his Journey with his son who was 13 and he did not seem to encounter any problems because of his age, but I have noticed that most people who have posted about walking the way seem to have been adults. Is this correct or have people had experiences of younger people walking the way and are they aware of any particular problems that younger people may encounter?

I don't have any doubts regarding my daughters physical ability, nor her climbing ability, but even though I can sit and look at an area of scenic beauty and gain satisfaction from having got there, did the people who travelled with younger people find they too shared they same areas of satisfaction?

The other area I would like to find more information about is concerning accommodation and the luggage moving service.

I would be looking at booking shared accommodation for the entire walk. I don't really care if it is YHA or BB or Cheap hotel as long at it is not too far from the walk path. The only problem that I think we may encounter, is that my daughter would not stay on her own as in a dorm in a YHA, and the last time I stayed in a YHA they were segregated, this was in the 1970's. So I would appreciate any ideas as to what anyone can suggest is the best way to go.

With the luggage removal Brigantes it seems is the only one that moves the luggage all the way from beginning to end is it worth looking elsewhere or should I just stick with them regardless?

I have just ordered Pennine Way 3rd Ed, by Keith Carter & Scott Carter and have been told I need to get maps 74, 80, 86, 91, 92, 98, 103 ,109 & 110 along with a compass. I have never read a map and compass any links for a good map and compass online reading course?

Finally and sorry this is so involved we will be leaving, Perth at a very hot time of year and we going to a very cold and probable wet climate, is there a generally established kit that is normally carried, (in what type of back pack), while doing the walk?

Thanks and take care.

Perth WA

 Post subject: Re: Newbie Introduction - Advice sought Please!
PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2011 1:34 pm 
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Hi Matt

I've not walked the Pennine Way myself but I thought I'd try to help you out with some of your more general questions.

I've seen teenagers walking both the West Highland Way and Hadrian's Wall, so it's not such an odd thing. If you are worried that day after day of long walks are not going to hold her interest, try her out on some closer to home. It will be important for both of you to test out and know that you can handle each other for long periods of time!

You should get a compass. Most of the National trails here in Britain are very well signposted so the compass is often not needed, however, if things go wrong is when you will want to know how to use one. I've not ever tried any online training, but I'm sure it is out there. I'd say just purchase one and get some practice in.

As another option instead of purchasing all the OS maps you can get Harvey strip maps. I have found these to be really good with the West Highland Way and Hadrian's Wall. Basically they just show you the path and a strip on either side. Their downside is if your accommodation is significantly off the trail it probably won't be on the map and they aren't very helpful in identifying far off points of interest. On the plus side, you only need 3 maps for the whole walk - there is a discription of them here:

In terms of accommodation, yes many hostels are still segregated. You might get around this by getting a private room, but that is dependant on availability and wipes out the cost savings of staying in a hostel. B&B is probably the best way to go as many should be able to offer twin rooms and a private bathroom. But ultimately it comes down availability where you want to stop, and the sooner you book the more likely you are to get the type of accommodation you want in the location you want.

For kit, if you are going to have your baggage transferred, you just need stuff to get you through the day. So a 20-30L rucksac is all you will need. You will most likely have at least some wet days so you'll want a waterproof rucksac cover. Personally I prefer the rucksacs that are curved away from the back that allow for good airflow stopping you from getting a sweaty back. In your bag you will want to carry waterproofs (best jacket and trousers you can afford), a warm layer, extra socks, food and water for the day, maps and guidebooks, camera, and some basic first aid supplies. So just make sure it's big enough to fit that all in!

The Pennine Way should be quite the adventure and I hope that both you and your daughter have a great time.


walking journal:

 Post subject: Re: Newbie Introduction - Advice sought Please!
PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 2:44 am 
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Hi Sarah, thank you very much for taking the time to reply. It seemed as lonely on this forum as I expected it to be on the PW.

I am in the process of following your and two other peoples advice of organising some long walks nearer home, to test Hannah's capability and desire. We have the Bibbulmun Track, nearby and a section about 100 kms away, should fit the bill. Only problem is the temperature is going to be low 30's all day and then when we do the PW it could be freezing. But if she can handle the heat she can handle anything, easier to warm up than cool down.

The Harvey Maps look really good I will investigate them further. I am also looking at GPS as a backup.

I am moving towards the B&B option, with twin rooms and using the YHA only if I have to.

Thanks for the suggestion on a size for the rucksack will have a look at those and a waterproof cover.

Once again thanks very much for taking the time to answer it was very nice of you and most helpful. I have nearly worked out an itinerary and once Hannah passes her endurance test, should be set for finalising everything for April.

Take care.


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