The Tributaries Walk

frontcover_smHaving enjoyed the process of writing the Herriot Way Guide Book, I embarked on another project, on behalf of Mike Schofield at Brigantes English Walks. Mike had sketched out the route for a seven-day walk around the Dales, following the rivers, becks and tributaries that run through the valleys of the National Park. He hadn’t had the time available to turn these notes and ideas into a book, so had asked if I would be interested. I, of course, jumped at the chance.

I spent several weeks walking the route, clarifying the ideas and notes and compiling a more detailed narrative. The book was again compiled over a series of weekends and evenings and sent to Mike for approval.

The seven day walk shares a few miles of common ground with the Herriot Way, but covers a lot more varied and diverse scenery.

The full seven-day walk is around 95 miles long. You can find more information and indeed buy the book from this website:

Stuart Greig

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