Wainwright’s Coast to Coast

c2cWelcome to the Coast to Coast homepage on Walking Places. We’ve been adding loads of new content and updated much of the information that previously lived here. In order to navigate all this new information, we’ve added a dedicated Coast to Coast menu, over there on the left.

In these pages we now have a complete walk through of the Coast to Coast (in The Route), we also have information on possible alternatives to the original route (in Alternative Routes). Not sure how to fit the walk into your two week holiday? We’ve added a number of different route variations (in Itineraries). Our guide book reviews (in Guide Books) will guide you to the best book and find all the maps you will ever need to walk the route in the two map pages (OS Strip Maps and Other Maps).

We’ve also gathered all the Coast to Coast journals we could find – the most comprehensive list on the Internet or your money back – in Walkers Journals. If you need a baggage courier or a bus we now have sections for these too (in Travel and Service Providers).

There is so much content here you will feel like you’ve walked the route even before you’ve dipped your boot in the Irish Sea. However, if there’s anything wrong with something you find in these pages, or indeed if you want to contribute anything, then get in touch using the Comments form below.

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  1. Tom says:

    Amazing amount of content, will help so much, thank you!!

    • stuart says:

      Thanks Tom, slight word of caution however – the info has not been updated in a long while so some of it may be outdated!

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