GPS Waypoints

This page actually contains more than just a set of GPS waypoints for the route, it also includes a number of different mapping software files that will allow you to show the route on your computer.

You will need a ZIP extraction program for many of these files, something like Winzip.

If there is a file version you are looking for and we don’t have it. Let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Just drop us a message using the comment section at the bottom of the page, or send an email to

GPS Waypoints

c2cgps1Update: Several people have reported problems with this file in the past, so we’ve removed the zip file format and replaced it with the raw GPX file. However, it still contains the 514 validated waypoints for the original, 12 day Coast to Coast walk. A text file accompanies the GPX file, to explain the background of its creation and existence, click here to view that file. This version of the file has been updated by Tim McKenzie and special thanks go to him (and those before him, who created the file in the first place).

c2cgps2This second zip file contains 12 files. Each file is a set of GPX waypoints, suitable for most GPS devices. The files were created by exporting the Memory Map route for each day to GPX file format, using Memory Map v5. At this point the files are untested in terms of how well they will work with any given GPS device. The route within the files is valid however, so if the files load okay then they should provide you with the correct directions.

Drop us a line on the email address above if there are any problems with these files.

Memory Map Files

c2cmmThis zip file holds a Memory Map v5 MMO format file with the whole C2C route. The route is broken down into the original 12 days and includes the three Nine Standards Rigg variants, depending on what time of the year you are walking.

Anquet Files

c2canquetThe Coast to Coast path in Anquet file format. Courtesy of Mike “The Square”. He includes the following notes: “Anquet file (.adf using the new version of Anquet). This takes in our actual route less the GPS deviations and our own small navigational errors! There are 11 routes, one for each day. I have named each waypoint a different name in case anyone wants to download them onto a GPS”

Google Earth Files

c2cgeSee the whole Coast to Coast route in Google Earth. Download the file and save it to disk somewhere. Load Google Earth and then select File/Open.. and choose the saved file.


Comma Separated Text File

c2ccsvThe ZIP file contains a single CSV file, covering all 12 days of the original route. This can then be imported into a number of different programs.


GPS File Manipulation

Waypoint Workbench c2cexcelis a really very useful Excel spreadsheet that can be used to convert GPS waypoint information. Designed and created by Chris & Maria. The spreadsheet is very fast and very simple and the new version has lots of new features. Make sure you register to receive version updates.

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  1. David Thomas says:

    Hi, out of interest when was the GPX file created as I’m just checking how it will follow OS maps? Great site by the way and is proving to be helpful in planning our walk next April. Thanks.

  2. Katrina says:

    Hello, useful tools, thanks for sharing them. I would also like to mention another free tool for converting gpx files kml files and get converted waypoints: . It works also to convert kml to gpx format, when needed.

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