Countryfile’s C2C – Day 4

Saturday 6th May 2006
Patterdale to Shap.

I had forgotten how hard this leg was !! We set off in fine style out of Patterdale and observed a rare Red Squirrel hopping along the wall before we set off up to Boredale Hause. The retrospective views of Patterdale and its surrounds are really spectacular. Although it is never terribly steep The climb up to Kidsty does take a good long haul, but the weather was set fair again and the legs felt great. We were fortunate enough to spot 2 separate deer herds on the fells to the East. Kidsty was not a place to linger long as the wind had got up and a real chill was in the air, so we descended. This descent is hellish steep and not good for aching knees. Once by the Reservoir we took a good rest, leapfrogging ‘Gentleman’ Geoff most of the day (not literally – because that would make hard work of it!).

At the end of Haweswater I took to wearing my training shoes for the first time to give the feet a rest. I had warned the chaps that this was a long stretch in and not to feel the day was over at the end of Haweswater (6 miles is still a good distance to travel). Craig was dead beat by the end of the day, and we were all chuffed to get into Shap and our digs at The Greyhound. We were met by Scott’s wife who provided him with fresh kit (the cheat!) and we later had a pint with Geoff and ‘Sully’. This is a hard days walk and shouldn’t be underestimated by novices after the last 3 days.