Hosted Journals on Walking Places

This page holds a number of smaller journals. These authors did not want a micro site dedicated to their journals, they just want a place to air there thoughts and experiences.

If you would like to have a journal hosted here, drop us a line using this link:

Roger Goadby's Coast to Coast Roger Goadby's 2002 Coast to Coast Diary - A detailed account of Roger's first ever long distance path (and perhaps the last by the sound of it?). A wry and honest account which many C2Cers will empathise with.
Trekker & Sarge - Lyke Wake Walk Trekker & Sarge LWW - Two slightly conflicting versions of the same Lyke Wake Walk in January 2005 from Trekker and Sarge.
Countryfile's Coast to Coast Countryfile's Coast to Coast Journal - An account of Countryfile's second C2C crossing in May 2006