Countryfile’s C2C – Day 7

Tuesday 9th May 2006
Keld to Reeth.

Muker is an astonishing village (much like Keld) If you had arrived here 50 yrs ago I would say that nothing would be different – fantastic!

We grabbed the bus back up to Keld. We were the only two people on it and we both commented on how pleasant it must be to be the driver meandering about the dales all day (somewhat different to the job of an inner city bus driver I’ll warrant!).

This leg was new to me as bad weather forced us down the road route last time. I really enjoyed the climb out of Keld to the Moors. The old Mining ruins are fascinating and one wonders what hardships the occupants endured in times past? The climb out onto the second moor was not clearly pathed and so we busked it a bit – but it wasn’t a problem. The devastation hereabouts is very evident – but nature is claiming it back.

Once again it was very hot, very sunny and very windy AGAINST! and so Reeth was welcome respite. We were booked into the Black Bull on the Green and after a pint shown to our room up the most rickety stairway known to man! This was the biggest test yet of the trip – Could we make it up the stairs to the room!?

We dined at The Buck (Roebuck) along with ‘Gentleman’ Geoff, Three lads from Sheffield whom we encountered yesterday and the (now) legendary ‘Sully’.

It was this night that I realised Sully only ever drunk lager because (American twang) “IT SLAKES THE THIRST”. So I had a bit of a debate about chemically produced beverages and home grown, crafted real ale. He capitulated and we supped a couple of Old Peculiar in triumph and recognition of “whatever”.