Countryfile’s C2C – Day 8

Wednesday 10th May 2006
Reeth to Brompton on Swale

A very hot and sultry day! We fair marched out of Reeth and into green Dales country. At Marrick you could taste the wild garlic in the air. A short encounter with a bull was a little unnerving but we fair trotted into Richmond and people – civilisation! Most stop off here – but after last times experience I wanted to knock off another few miles from the trip tomorrow. So we partook in a sandwich and Ice-cream in the square. Then we observed the forlorn figure of sully entering one of the public houses in the square and so joined him for the final farewell (as we knew our itineries differed). I again chastised him for ordering a pint of lager!

Scott and I continued along the banks of the Swale, into a small wood where we disturbed a young deer that spirited past us not 10 yards away!

We continued on and up to Catterick bridge where we stopped at The Tudoe Hotel in Brompton. Now if Carling did Hotels then this would probably be “The worst Hotel in the World”. It was pretty poor and certainly the worst standard provided on the trip by far. However we did watch the UEFA cup final and the Boro get thrashed 4-0, ( so not such a bad night after all!) – only joking Boro fans.