Countryfile’s C2C – Day 2

Thursday 4th May 2006
Ennerdale Bridge to Rosthwaite

We looked out of the window at the spots of rain and donned our wet weather gear in preparation. The walking gods were clearly on our side today though because as we stepped out of the door the skies cleared and left constant sunshine throughout the entire day. Once more strong winds prevailed and today (as for most of the trip) it was in our faces – and Wainwright advised the prevailing wind was from the West!

We stopped at Blacksail Hut for a spot of lunch. Unfortunately the Post Office/shop at Ennerdale had been closed and we hadn’t been able to stock up (we were advised that family issues mean that the Post Office is rarely open these days). We got by on the remnants of yesterdays food being a few flapjack bars and some rather delicious Jaffa Cakes. Craig also brewed up in the hut which provides an honesty box for weary travellers in need of a caffeine fix.

The pull out over to Honister pass was short but steep, views from the top were a little hazy and by this time I was developing a ‘beetroot face’ due to the sun, wind and exercise. We scoffed a few boiled sweets to keep us going then descended to the cafe/slate factory where we took another brew (again with honesty box) and met for the first time ‘gentleman’ Geoff (70yrs) from Cambridge who was going solo and had pretty much the same schedule as us.

The walk down into Rosthwaite was pleasant enough despite aching knees (I hate downhill) and we soon discovered our digs for the evening at Nook Farm. On the approach Craig made my day with the quote of the trip after seeing the farmer leading a cow into the barn ” OH LOOK HE’S TAKING THAT COW IN FOR MY BACON IN THE MORNING”. We didn’t give him much ribbing over that one!. We ate at The Scafell Hotel and left there as lightening strikes illuminated the fells to the West – a fantastic sight. Thunder rumbled on through the early part of the night, but sleep came easily.