Trekker & Sarge – Lyke Wake Walk

Journal: Lyke Wake Walk Crossing
Date: January 2005
Submitted by: Trekker and Sarge

For a laugh, here is a copy of our reports of our winter double to the Lyke Wake Walk Club.

Editor’s Note

In order to become a “Dirger” (or for ladies a “Witch”) walkers must submit a report of crossings to the LWW club within 28 days.

The ‘new’ Lyke Wake Club awards degrees to those who have made multiple crossings of the North York Moors and exhibited a knowledge of moorland skills and the ethos of the club. It also recognises degrees awarded by the old club which closed down on 1 October 2005.

These degrees may be conferred upon candidates considered by the Council (or its appointees) to meet the following criteria:

  1. “Master or Mistress of Misery” Complete three crossings, one in the reverse direction and demonstrate by inquisition an appreciation of the ethos of the Club and a knowledge of moorland skills. (Neckbands: – black)
  2. “Doctor of Dolefulness” Complete four more crossings. The total seven crossings to include a winter crossing (between 1st December and 29th February) and an unsupported crossing. Also to present a Doctoral Thesis on a learned subject relevant to the ethos of the Club. (Neckbands: – black and purple)
  3. “Past Master” or “Past Mistress”: Complete fifteen crossings and perform services to the Club recognised as exceptional by the Council. Be considered capable of finding the way across any moor by day or night, whether drunk or sober without map or compass. (Black and purple boutonniere)