The Pennine Way

pw4cover-201x300I was asked by Trailblazer Guides, if I would like to update their Pennine Way guide book. I regarded this as a singular honour and I readily accepted the project. The update involved checking all the information in the book, adding new service providers, walking the whole route, checking the maps were correct and making additions and changes where required. So I broke the route down into manageable chunks, public transport where available, to create a series of 3 or 4 day linear walks and set out.

I blogged about my progress as I went through the project and walked the various sections, you can find them on my personal website here.

Stuart Greig.

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  1. Easy Walker says:

    I just got this one from trailblazer i see one thing that is differnt to the picturew above. on mine is only your name 😉

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